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TRG EDI Connector for infor syteline

The TRG EDI Connector for Infor Syteline is a web-based EDI data transformation and transaction management tool that works in conjunction with Syteline EDI and a 3rd-party EDI translator/communications package. 

The TRG EDI Connector was developed with Microsoft .NET technology and utilizes SQL Server and SSRS Reporting Services. 

It is the most tightly-integrated EDI mapping and data transformation package for Syteline EDI on the market.  Here are some of the standard features - there are too many to list:

  • Supports all standard Syteline Demand EDI Transactions - 830 Production Schedules, 850 Purchase Orders, 810 Invoices, 856 ASN's and 855 PO Acknowledgements.
  • Supports supplier 850 Purchase Orders.
  • E-mail drive audit and exception reports for all transactions, including Net Change analysis for incoming production schedules comparing current schedule to last schedule sent for the item. 
  • Can be scheduled to completely automate processing of inbound and outbound transactions between Syteline and your 3rd-party EDI application. 
  • Syteline data validation for valid item, slow moving items, obsolete items, pricing, revision level, units of measure. 
  • For incoming Purchase Orders, there is a drop-ship handling function that can automatically create the Syteline customer address as well as the Syteline EDI customer profile with one click.  Also has a lookup for existing ship-to's in Syteline (by zip code) if you want to assign an existing location.  The EDI Connector is also self-learning for drop-ship assignments and will use the assigned customer ship-to the next time. 
  • Incoming 830 Production Schedule Cumulative Quantity analysis.  Provides a function that Syteline EDI does not have.  Actually reaches into Syteline shipments to calculate and determine trading partner cumulative quantities compared to what has been shipped and makes adjustments to incoming EDI data accordingly. 
  • ASN's (856 transactions) can be configured to work with Syteline pack slips, Syteline delivery orders or 3rd-party shipping systems such as Pacejet.  ASN's are automatically extracted and sent to the trading partner - no flat file processing required. 

The TRG EDI Connector package takes Syteline EDI integration to a new level.