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By now you've probably heard about Microsoft SharePoint, but getting started on the right path can be a daunting task. 

Many companies believe they are too small to utilize SharePoint.  Traditionally, SharePoint has been used in large corporations, universities, and government installations primarily for its document management capabilities,  But SharePoint is so much more and with the license for SharePoint Foundation included as part of your Microsoft Windows server license (you will also need a Microsoft SQL Server license), it's the best-kept technology secret weapon for small and mid-sized businesses.  If you'd rather be in the cloud, SharePoint is also available as part of Office 365. 

If you're not familiar with SharePoint functionality, some of the key features in the Foundation version include (features do vary between Office 365 and on-premise solutions):

  • Ability to quickly deploy portals (web sites)
  • Document and file management including file check-in/check-out, version history
  • Report centers - great integration with SSRS Reporting
  • Collaboration
  • Social Networking including blogs, photos and presence, site feeds, wikis, community
  • Extranets
  • Enterprise search
  • Business intelligence
  • Workflow automation

There are Standard and Enterprise versions that also add outstanding extra functionality at reasonable license pricing. 

TRG's SharePoint practice focuses on helping small to mid-sized businesses get started with SharePoint and utilize the phenomenal capabilities that make SharePoint the best IT investment you'll make. 

Some of the projects we've completed include: 

  • Developed a comprehensive project management system to allow company-wide collaboration and monitoring of build-to-order custom machinery. 
  • Multiple clients have used our services to develop Customer Portals providing a higher level of customer services for their customers.  The customer portals include access to resources and custom reports integrated from line-of-business systems.
  • Developed sites, forms, and workflows to support a New Product Introduction process integrating with Microsoft Project and customized .NET integration to tie in features of Microsoft Outlook for meeting planning and scheduling. 
  • Intranet portals for internal company collaboration and process management. 
  • New customer workflow, forms, document library. 
  • Report centers to deploy department reports tied to ERP and 3rd-party back end systems. 
  • Product quotation sites, forms, workflows and integration to data from back-end ERP system.  For one client, this process greatly improved management control and customer responsiveness over the quotation process and helped grow sales.  New sales reps now have a clearly-defined process to be immediately productive when developing customer quotations. 
  • We've helped numerous companies develop corporate and departmental document libraries to manage and organize (and make searchable) corporate content. 

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